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    Nicole Theronson

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    1 Nicole Theronson on Wed Jun 17, 2015 4:11 pm

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    Име: Nicole Theronson
    Пол: Жена
    Години: 21
    Рожден ден: 23/03/X698
    Лик: Dante - Devil May Cry

    adventurous l fearless l optimistic l courageous l confident
    friendly l reliable l helpful l stubborn

    Oliver is extremely easygoing and carefree, quite literally laughing in the face of any danger. He's courageous, outgoing, and an overall great guy to be around. His personality can easily be described as the "restless little puppy". Even durning his childhood he was restless and adventurous, always wanting to see action. He doesn't let depression get him down for long, nor does his expect anyone to feel bad for him. When someone else is down, Oliver does what he can to lift their spirits, and if not that, offer support in any other way he can. He have a well-developed value system and live his live in accordance with what he feel is right. More about his traits is that he is really confident and stubborn, his way is always the right way and he always tend to stick to things until they are completely done.

    When it comes to girls, however, Oliver is anything but shy. It wouldn't take him long to instantly flirt with one, given they were the proper age to, of course. Because of this, he can sometimes come off as a bit cocky, though it's never intended to be in a negative light.

    His little sister Irene
    Although she is still a little dummie, she is the most important thing in his life. Oliver have high expectations for her, he sees a great potencial in her but he also sees a great darkness and hope that when the time comes, she will choose the right path.

    Pizza & Strawberry Sundaes
    Oliver has a fondness for pizza, and while he complains about olives, he always ends up with them on his pizza. He also favors strawberry sundaes as well as pizza with it and in general those two foods are all he eats.

    Honorable and honest people
    Oliver's value system deeply tresure the ability to make the right decision and to adherence to the truth and righteousness and the ability to understand others pain and suffering. That is the kind of behavior he likes and respect.

    "Do fairies really have tails? Do they even exist... An eternal mystery... A never ending adventure!" His soul demands it! He is just this type, mostly because of his lifestyle in the past. He was always on the frontline whenever he heard that his family is heading for it's next expedition.

    Night walks
    In the heat of the night the citie's are beautifully glowing in warm colors, the environment is peaceful and quiet, and everything feel's so nice to him. He often enjoys to take a night walk here and there, it is very relaxing on him.

    Girls in tight clothes
    This is his weakness, he loves chick's in tight clothes, he loves when a girl show off her body like that, it soo... cute. Not only that but he often prefer to wear tight clothes himself because it emphasize his aesthetic forms and body, he love's to see himself like that in clothes.
    Не харесва:
    He dislike people that took the path of evil. He dislike their ways, their methods, their killing's without no reason, their... everything. But still he is a strong believer in miracles and gives everyone a second chance to change their ways to a better, humane ways.

    Egotistical people
    Oliver hates negative, manipulative and self-centred egotistical people. This kind of people that think only for themself's, that are ready to put other people down in order to glorify themselves, that are ready to do whatever it takes to be toxic... Are scum.

    Not being able to move & Being sick
    It happens from time to time, a bad injury from an fight, training or adventure and he is forced to slow down the tempo. This makes him crazy! The boy just can't stay on one place all day let alone lying in bed because of some stupid injury!
    Fairy Tail
    Saving people, hunting things... the family business. Nah... not his real family, his new family. Fairy Tail ! ... Oli consider the guild on pair with his family, even thought there are so many guys in the guild that he don't know, he accept them as brothers and sisters, and togheter they shall make the world a better place to live in! Such a noble cause!

    Growing stronger
    Mainly there are two motives for Oli to become stronger. Obviously the first one is his sister, as a big brother it's his duty to protect her. The second motive however still remains a mistery even for himself, sometimes his lust for power is so strong that he want's more, but not for the sake of people, for himself... Everybody have their own darkness inside of them, even the most noble ones.

    The Lacrima!
    Ever since he found it, he knew that item is special. It was leaking of magical power, and if this power get's to the hands of the wrong people it could cause a catastrophy. He told himself that he must ensure that it's power will be used for good, and so he decided to find it once again and seal it, so it won't be used for evil..!
    Afraid of the unknown
    The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown. It is not his greatest fear but it scares him a little, even though in the end his huge ass courage allways prevail.

    Small spaces, rooms and no escape. This is one of the things he fear the most! He even imagine sometimes that he is being closed in a coffin while still alive, and then burried underground, while the oxygen slowly finishing and he starts to struggle with no way out... But it's just an imagination, he will never let anyone do something like this to him, he likes the idea of fighting until he die better, than something like this.

    Lapis the Crystal Dragon
    Obliterating everything on his way. He was the main antagonist in his rusty old book he read as kid. He wouldn't feared it but then "THAT" happened... And after "THAT" the rusty old book fairy tail's and adventures about dragons got real! This pretty much means that this dragon is real and is a huge threat to all mankind! And there could even be more dragons, are we prepared?


    Височина: 1.73м.
    Тегло: 61кг.
    Коса: Бяла
    Очи: Сини
    Никол винаги носеше на врата си едната половина на така наречения "Перфектен амулет". Бижуто е доста претруфано и кичозно, но малко се знае за произхода му. То е скъп подарък от нейната майка за осмият й рожден ден, а на едната му страна е гравирано името й "Nicole" на латински.

    Външен вид:
    Никол е генетично красиво и силно момиче. Наследила е физическата сила на баща си и красотата на майка си. Прелестните й сини очи и сребристо бяла коса винаги са привличали погледите на всички, добрите и злонамерните. Срамежливата й стройна и аестетична фигура от друга страна винаги е била добре прикрита в кожените й дрехи. Крехка и нежна вътрешност, която малцина познават, пречупена през призмата на човешките погледи, е нищо повече от пресиращата и тежка външност, която всички знаят. Тази на покритата в дълго кожено яке, закачулено лице, криещо се в сенките на кожената й качулка с дълги коси висящи от нея, Никол обикаляше кралството наречена още с прозвището "Сребърната вещица"


    Сила: 2
    Издръжливост: 1
    Ловкост: 0
    Концентрация: 0


    Гилдия: Fairy Tail
    Гилд татус: On her ankle - Black

    Магия: Rebellion (Holder)
    Елемент: Metal


    Oliver was born and raised in a large family of archaeologists in the capital of Fiore. Although he was never interested in the family business, he knew all the secret archaeological findings and items stored in home, he even had a favorite item, an old rusty book that telled the story of a great wizzard, fighting against dragons. No, no ...it was not his favorite because of the story, his kiddish eyes were open only for the nice looking dragon pictures, he was kinda obsessed sometimes, talking all about dragons and fairy tails. This was very stressful for his family, they always wanted a strong, smart and confident boy who will inherit the family business, but no... they got a pony. Oh well, seems like a new child is on schedule...

    The year is X824... Oliver is entering an unsupported cemetery, slowly walking amidst endless monuments, small crypts and tombstones. When you look around you can see the darkly brooding sky over darkly, dead landscape. No matter what time of the day it is, it's chilly here, although it is a desert. He kept walking, looking for... something precise. He didn't know exactly what it is, but he knew it's here somewhere. In front of him soars a medium-large crypt, whose entrance was apparently sealed by a massive stone door. He was feeling light, but urgent invocation from the outher side. The tomb attracted him in some way. He listened to its call. Like... it was whispering something. But the words were merging into some unknown language, resembleing ghost words, althroung so far he hasn't talked to one. In fact, did they even exist? Did it matter? Hardly... He had to go inside. He begin to wander around the place and found a small hole on the back of the old structure. He jumped inside and the thick darkness swallowed him, but still somewhere in front some gray light was Illuminating the place, and served as guide. Step by step... it seemed odd now, that when he was inside, the crypt seemed to extend for miles, although from the outside it seemed so small. The boy reached a staircase that leads down. It has no railings and below extends only darkness. He descended gently on it, but nothing happened. Below, shortly after the last step a widespread underground lake with dark and smooth as a mirror surface appeared. It brimmed light. A lacrima ? The stairs continued into the lake, but the young man was full of determination and made a step foward... or rather down.. The water was ice cold. His whole body shuddered. Strange, but his movements did not cause ripples on the surface of the water. New step. All his muscles seemed relaxed. Water has reached to his chest. A second later and he dived into the mirror surface. He could see it clearly now, it was a lacrima! a white-blue looking one. She was pulsing strongly... what a sensation. The dark haired boy swiftly grabbed the lacrima and got out of the water.
    -It't truth! That rusty old book led me to success! Unbelievable!

    On the very next day... The Xeadas family meeting, every year on this very day! They gather all together not for the sake of love, but simply to decide which discoveries and artefacts should they sell in order to keep their wealthiness...
    "What to sell... hump, hump, hump" Muttered the gramps, placing himself genlty on his sofa. "Grandpa, grandpa sell my brother's stupid book~e" Yelled Irene, the newborn kiddie giddy in the house."Grandpa, grandpa don't listen to dat dork""Eeey! Who said that ?" "Who do you think pancacke? IM BACK ! And noo~w may i present to youu~ my ultra mega rare itemm~?... Tadaa" Shot the dark haired boy and at the same time he unpacked the white-blue lacrima from his backpack. In a mere second the old man sight was alredy on the item. "It can't be, that brat found THE Ice dragon lacrima... I BETTER STEAL IT WHILE HE SLEEP MWHAHA" Click, click, pop... Crackle "Ugh.. dem bones" Groaned the old man halfway running his master devil plan in his mind and at the same way trying to comfort his pain.

    The year is X836... Years passed and his lacrima was stolen by unknown stranger! Anyway the boy was already walking on the path of magic. "I wan't to become a great mage and help people, just like the one in my books" He taught, reading the weekly sorcerer magazine, wich was showing Fairy Tail. The guild of his dreams!

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