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    1 Guilds on Mon Jun 22, 2015 10:44 pm

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    Guilds are organizations. In the Fairyverse, we are commonly referring to mage guilds such as Fairy Tail. Generally, there are three different types of Guilds: Legal, Dark, and Independent. A Legal Guild is one that has been approved and registered by the Magic Council while a Dark Guild is one that has not been approved by the Magic Council and is treated as a criminal organization. An Independent Guild is one that is not approved by the Magic Council, but at the same time is not considered a criminal organization. Independent Guilds can do whatever they please as long as the Magic Council doesn't disapprove of the actions.

    Guild Masters: The ones in charge of guilds are considered the Guild Masters. They are usually one of the strongest members in their guilds and are put in charge of managing the finances and paperwork of the guild. They are often great leaders and have relative fame. They are normally not allowed outside of their town, and are given funds by the Magic Council to continue the existence of their guild (in a Legal Guild's case).

    Creating A Guild: To create a guild, there must be at least four members. 1 X-ranked Guild Master, and 3 other S-ranked members. In addition, it requires one trillion jewels in order to start the guild. Once the guild has been approved, the creation of the guild must be roleplayed out.

    Attacking A Guild: When a guild doesn't like another guild, or another person doesn't like another guild, they are able to attack the guild itself. In order to attack the guild, the person attacking will create a guild attack topic in the appropriate guild forum in which they wish to attack.

    If a Phantom Lord member wants to attack Fairy Tail, they will create the topic in the "Fairy Tail" forum, otherwise, the attack will not count.

    A Guild Attack is considered successful if the guild building is destroyed. It requires a total of 2,000,000 damage to destroy a guild building. 1,000,000 damage goes to their reinforced barrier. Another 1,000,000 goes to the guild building itself.

    While a Guild Attack is underway, a member of the defending guild can defend their guild. While they are in the topic, the guild building is immune to damage. Defending guild members are also stronger, with their mana and stats doubling thanks to their will to protect their guild.

    If a Guild Attack is unsuccessful, then the guild will be immediately restored.

    Repairing A Guild: A destroyed guild building must be repaired. If a Guild Building is destroyed, a mage of that guild will be unable to take any requests.

    In order to repair a Guild Building, the Guild Master must create a Guild Repair topic. While in the Guild Repair topic, only guild members are permitted to repair their guild. Guild Members can post once every 12 hours (disregarding posting order) and must create as many words as possible to assist in the reparations of the guild.

    It requires 100,000 words to repair a guild.

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