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    1 Sayuno on Fri Aug 14, 2015 3:34 pm

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    Name: Sayuno Anstandria
    Age: 24 years
    Birth Date: 14th of February, x991
    Gender: Female
    Special Characteristics: Sayuno's throat bears a faint, horizontal scar, approximately 6 centimeters long. She has a few more scars around her wrists, her ankles and on her back. Other than that, her skin seems flawless. Her eyes are sensitive to the sun and she seems to have much better vision during the night.

    Personality: The past has left its mark on Sayuno. She’s an introvert, although not by choice. The socially awkward young woman finds it rather hard to communicate with other people, despite not lacking any sort of self-esteem. She’s almost a little blunt and too straightforward at times, not realizing that her words could possibly hurt and even push away potential comrades and friends. Sayuno prefers to be alone and isolated, most of her attempts to form bonds have failed and she’s given up on it. As a magician who is not part of a guild, Sayuno is of Chaotic Neutral alignment and lives simply by doing whatever benefits her. She holds no grudges and does not feel guilt over doing something ‘bad’ just as she doesn’t care much about doing something ‘good’ either.


    Magic Being a magician herself, Sayuno's quite fond and curious about magic. She believes that magic improved the world and her life as a whole. She's interested in learning more about rare and legendary magics, despite being rather shy about it.
    Silence Yuno truly appreciates silence and loves to have some time for herself here and then. She likes to hang around with people but being isolated from the noisy big city life not only helps her to restore her health but also gives her time to think about her next steps, future plans and wishes.
    Sweets Sayuno has a sweet tooth and adores everything sweet and delicious. She can often be found raiding candy stores and nomming on all sorts of sweets and candies while out in town.


    The Sea Sayuno can't swim and thus hates vast spaces of water. She's almost a little bit afraid of them and avoids them at any cost.
    Thunderstorms Thunderstorms frighten her. Sayuno hates loud noises combined with bad weather and she'll usually hide inside a building until it's over.
    Arrogance Sayuno's not exactly thrilled by the arrogance of some people and will usually not take you serious until you've proven your point or made an excuse for your poor behavior.


    Spiders Although this is almost a little too girly for the oh-so tough girl, spiders do freak her out and she can't stand their presence.
    Wasteland Desolation and wastelands make her feel quite uncomfortable. It's too easy to be seen by the enemy and she's almost a little paranoid, usually trying to find a place to hide.
    Torture While Sayuno wouldn't mind a quick and painless death, the young woman loathes physical pain and physical torture is her perhaps greatest fear.


    Knowledge Sayuno is a curious and smart young woman who craves for knowledge above all else. She's shown to have little interest in power and strength and it is pure knowledge that she desires.
    A Place in the World Not being a member of a guild has never bothered her, however, Sayuno does hope to find a place in the world one day and perhaps a few people she can rely on and trust. She hasn't quite figured out what to do with herself yet and is a rather lost individual.


    Height: 5'5'' | 165cm
    Weight: 115lbs | 52kg
    General Appearance: Sayuno’s undoubtedly a sight to behold. Despite her little interest in superficialities, the sorceress has the well endowed body of a woman. Her hour-glass figure is adorned by lovely curves, striking but not blatant, long legs and fair but not flawless skin. Marked by little scars across her back, around her wrists and ankles, Sayuno has suffered the consequences of a life full of hardships. Her pungent red eyes are round and framed by thick lashes. Sayuno’s silky and slightly wavy hair reaches down to her thighs and is aqua blue in color. She wears it open, rarely tied up in a high ponytail or two pigtails with a thick fringe and a few shorter strands framing her face.


    History: Sayuno was born into a life of full of misery and hardships. Her father passed away only a few months before the child was even born and her mother, a prostitute at that time, was forced into poverty. She suffered the consequences of her profession only a few years later and thus Sayuno became an orphan at the age of 5. Hosenka was, despite it’s beauty and wealth, a difficult place to live at and while she often received some sort of help from neighbours and people who knew her parents, it was by far not enough for the young girl to survive.

    Doing a lot of physical work while she was still young, the older and more beautiful Sayuno became, several rich men had taken an interest in the girl who was slowly turning into a woman and a few years before she reached adulthood, she was lead to live the same, pathetic excuse of a life as her mother. It was only after she turned 18 that she discovered the Magic that she carried inside herself and decided to leave the past behind. She began living on her own for a while, focused on herself, trained to become better at what she did and when she was finally able to establish some sort of decent life, Sayuno decided to just move on, travel, do a few jobs every now and then and see where she would end up.

    2 Re: Sayuno on Thu Nov 26, 2015 9:57 am

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    Name: Venus
    Rank: S - Expert
    Magic Cost: 50 (25)
    Requirements: Take Over Magic
    Class: Supplementary
    Element: Darkness
    Effect: By casting this Take Over Species Spell Sayuno recieves an offensive boost of 400%, enabling her to deal physical passive damage equal to her rank. Sayuno is able to break bones on impact as well as dealing immense (internal) cutting damage that affects organs and limbs, crippling her opponent if defenseless. When Sayuno activates Venus' Wings she is capable of flying at the speed of 5m/s as well. In this form Sayuno is able to use certain darkness sub spells as well.

    Venus is a very beautiful Spirit. When Sayuno merges with Venus she closely resembles her host in beauty and in features. Venus has Sayuno's beautiful long aqua hair, and stunning sapphire eyes. Her skin is beautiful and fair. Her ears are pointed at the tips. She wears a crown on her head with a demons skull on the front, and bat wings sprouting out of the sides. She wears a set of armor that covers her stomach and bottom of her bust. The top of her bust is in full displace. She wears and armored skirt that starts at her waist and ends right where her thighs begin. She wears armored thigh high boots that closely resemble heeled shoes. She wears armored shoulder pads the have spikes perturbing from the sides. Being the queen of Sayuno's take over spirits she wears a blue sash over her shoulders that cascade down her arms. Around her body a whitish blue mist like aura can be seen. Her presence in battle is daunting as she gives of the look of royalty and power.
    Cooldown: -
    Duration: Sustained

    Name: Yiave
    Rank: X - Expert
    Magic Cost: 75 (35)
    Requirements: Take Over Magic
    Class: Supplementary
    Element: Darkness
    Effect: By casting this Take Over Species Spell Sayuno recieves a speed boost of 500%, enabling her to move at the speed of 35m/s. When Sayuno activates Yiave's Wings she is capable of flying at the speed of 60m/s instead. In this form Sayuno is able to use certain darkness sub spells as well.

    Yiave is a take over spirit that dons the appearance of a beautiful young woman with the unique skin color of olive. On her head she wears a crow, underneath said crown are what look to wings growing from her temple, which leads to her pointed ears. Underneath that crown you can find gorgeous bronze hair that shimmers in the sunlight. To offset her bronze hair she has, shimmering snow white eyes, that can pierce through even the strongest mans poker face. Her body is an hour glass shape, her most notable features being her ample sized breasts and toned stomach. On her body she wears a light armor set, which resembles blood red scales. This armor covers Her shoulders, the bottom half of her breasts leaving her cleavage in the open. Her sides, everything from her lower abdomen down to her upper thigh. On her lower back you can fight what looks to be a reptilian spiked tail. In her mouth you can find shimmering white canine teeth, or fangs. Which she uses to rip out the throats of her enemies. On her fingers there are claws as sharp as razor blades, using for the ripping and tearing away of flesh. In total she looks like an exotic woman you'd find on an island resort. But some tropical flowers should be left alone.
    Cooldown: -
    Duration: Sustained

    Name: Junai
    Rank: Z - Legendary
    Magic Cost: 100 (50)
    Requirements: Take Over Magic
    Class: Supplementary
    Element: Darkness
    Effect: By casting this Take Over Species Spell Sayuno recieves a speed boost of 600%, enabling her to move at the speed of 50m/s. When Sayuno activates Junai's Wings she is capable of flying at the speed of 105m/s instead. In this form Sayuno is able to use certain darkness sub spells as well.

    Junai, the name itself strikes fear into those who hear it. But the real question they ask is, how can something so beautiful be so violent. Junai is the strongest of the take over spirits. Often time being referred to as the demon queen. She has carried over not only her scornful attitude towards humanity with her in the after life, but her beauty as well. Junai is a take over spirit that resembles that of a beautiful young woman. She has lovely fair skin, often being referred to as flawless. Soft to the touch, with not blemishes or signs of aging anywhere on her. On her head you will find long and luscious raven black locks of hair. Flowing down her back on occasionally over her shoulder. Her eyes are what will attract your attention next, they are glowing magenta orbs. Often confused with gem stones by those who are close enough to see them. Though none who have been close enough ever got to tell anyone other than her the beauty of them. Her voluptuous body, heavenly curves, and swaying hips will drive her opponents crazy, most of them unable to bring themselves to harm her. Which of course was their ultimate demise. She has large breasts protected by what looks to be skeletal armor. The part that covers hear breasts resembles hands holding them in place. Going down her toned body you will find a piece of armor that covers the bottom of her abdomen, covering her crotch, and stopping past the bottom of the hips. Attached to that piece of armor is a long flowing cape, which is used to symbolize her status over all of the other spirits. Covering her lower thighs and down to her feet she wears armored thigh high boots which have a skeletal look to them, the part of the boots that cover her feet resemble high heels, though the heel is more of spike used to make large puncture wounds in her enemies when stomping them. On her hands you will find armored gloves that have sharp claw like blades on the fingertips. These gloves glow red when she is angered, though you will seldom find a time where she is not furious about something. In her mouth you will find long pointed canine teeth, which she uses for ripping out the throats of her enemies if she has decided to seduce them into submission. On her back she has large dragonic looking wings with what appear to be small hands on the top joint. Cascading her body is an electrifying blue aura, making her all the more enticing to approach. In short, upon looking at her you think royalty, your mind goes to places of intimacy with a woman so beautiful. Many men wish to sleep with the queen, none of them ever leave the bedroom to tell.
    Cooldown: -
    Duration: Sustained

    Credits: Sayuno Yato

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