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    The Races

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    1 The Races on Fri Sep 09, 2016 8:10 am

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    Origin: Отвъд югозападните планински граници на кралството се простират диви безлюдни хълмести площи, които са ветровити и сурови. Сега тези земи биват обитавани от бизони, вълци и други зверове, но в древността именно от там произлезли едни от най-доминантните видове в магическият ни свят днес, Ликантропите - жестоки същества, пригодени да оцеляват в условията на дори най-безпощадния мор.

    Description: Телата им представляват цяла камара от мускули; концентриран извор на сила, издръжливост и енергия. Теглото им достига до 170 килограма, а ръстът - около внушителните 240 см. Някои от по-възрастните мъдреци твърдят че ликантропите придобили своята кръвожадност и необичайните си размери от предците си, които смесвали кръвта си с тази на дивите зверове, сношавайки с тях. Други смятат, че поглъщали сърцата на враговете си, за да придобият тяхната сила и смелост, а трети – че произхождали от рода на отдавна паднал бог.

    Ликантропите са сравнително близки до хората на вид, но въпреки някой техни отличителни, типични за рода им белези и определени други животински качества, те успяват да се сливат с човечеството с относителна лекота. Често хората се страхуват от тях, обикновено заради силата която притежават и мистерията която кръжи около тяхното съществуване.

    Те сами определят кога да се превръщат и кога не, като тяхната трансформация се изразява в това че те ефективно започват да придобиват външните характеристики на вълк, като силно изразена вълко-образна жилава кожа и ресни по тялото; допълнително удължени вълкоподобни зъби и нокти, и нечовешка сила, докато същевременно запазват своята човешка форма.

    However, they have always been even fewer in number than the Vampires and lacked their mind control ability. Because they could not wipe human memories they had to hide themselves very carefully.

    However, they have taken a strong sense of pride like a wolf. They are warriors, prideful to the end and always striving to improve their own power.

    Lycans are warlike and have superior physical powers compared to many races. They often become renowned warriors, passionate leaders and dedicated subordinates. They are not stupid. They understand the fear that they draw from many. That being said, they often are known to appreciate those who don't see them as monsters.

    This is not to say there are not black sheep. There are some who will hide their identity due to shame, or devious plans. There can be some who have conquered their pride, able to brush that overwhelming driving sense of honor away. That being said, one thing can be said for all Lycans- If they lose their temper, they can not prevent themselves from transforming, and may even lash out in a rage.

    Lycans often stay together in groups called packs. The strongest Lycan in their pack becomes their ruler and is known as the Alpha. There are all sorts of packs over the world. Some hide their presence and others operate a bit more openly. Lycans that don't belong to a pack are called Loners and are often shunned by other Lycans unless they have proven themselves to be strong and respectable.


    • User must have completed the following quests: New Moon, Darkhowl Forest, The Pack, Crescent Moon, Fangs and Foes, Blood On The Walls, Gibbous Moon, Oath of Lycans, The Lycan King and Full Moon.


    Lycans can transform their body into a larger, more muscular, and overall more wolf-like appearance. In this state, their powers are dramatically enhanced. Their base statistics increase by 40% while being transformed. It costs 5% of the user's total mana per turn and has a 4 post cooldown after deactivating it.
    Lycans may be ferocious and strong warriors but they really dislike flames. Lycans can never use Fire-type moves. Most stronger Lycans don't flinch when facing fire but still suffer the consequences. They take extra damage from Fire-type moves which are increased by two ranks.
    Lycans have a great smell and can smell anyone within a 25 meter radius. Even if targets try to mask their smell a Lycan can distinguish between thousands of smells to still find their target within that range.

    Lycans are able to withstand impacts strong enough to destroy buildings. What would take down humans instantly merely hurts them. They receive a 20% endurance bonus of their base endurance on top of their base endurance. This stacks with the Lycan transformation.

    Lycans possess a lot of strength compared to humans. Even without transforming they are considerably stronger than most that face them. They receive a 20% strength bonus of their base strength on top of their base strength. This stacks with the Lycan transformation.

    When it comes to speed, Lycans move a lot faster than most humans. Lycans often easily catch up with their prey if they stalk them long enough. They receive a 20% speed bonus of their base speed on top of their base speed. This stacks with the Lycan transformation.

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